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  • Taro-Acitretin

    • Taro-Acitretin Pregnancy Prevention Program click here
  • Taro-Clobetasol Spray

  • Taro-Fingolimod

      A copy of the educational material can also be requested by email: PVCanada@taro.ca

    • Taro-Fingolimod - Patient Information Booklet click here
    • Taro-Fingolimod - Physician Guide and Checklist click here
    • Taro-Fingolimod - Warning: For Couples of Childbearing Potential click here
  • Taro-Sumatriptan

    • How to use Taro-Sumatriptan Auto-Injector click here
  • Taro-Tofacitinib

      A copy of the educational material can also be requested by email:PVCanada@taro.ca

    • Taro-Tofacitinib - Patient Safety Information click here
    • Taro-Tofacitinib - Healthcare Professional Guide click here
  • Taro-Warfarin

    • Living with Taro-Warfarin, Helpful information about your anticoagulant therapy click here
    • Taro-Warfarin Dosage Diary click here
    • Vitamin K Foods and What You Should Know About Taking with Taro-Warfarin click here
    • What You Should Know About Taking Herbs with Taro-Warfarin click here
  • Taro-Zoledronic Acid

    • Taro-Zoledronic Acid for Treatment of Osteoporosis: What you should know? click here
  • Choosing the Right Taro Corticosteroid or Antifungal Information Sheet click here

  • Generic Prescriptions – Information Brochure click here